Elba On “Luther” Third Series & Film

Speaking with Gold Derby, actor Idris Elba says the commissioned third season of BBC crime series “Luther” is on the way and will serve as a precursor to a potential film.

In a 15-minute video interview in Atlanta where he’s shooting “No Good Deed”, Elba commented on where the show currently is – “the third season is almost done in terms of writing. I know we want to aim to make it this year so that we’re back out there as soon as possible… There are going to be more really bad characters, more dark TV, and an introduction of a couple of new characters … I know there’s a character that actually is a real challenge for Luther.”

Asked about the show’s film ambitions, he says “The truth is, we really want to turn Luther into a big-screen character, so I’m suspecting that at the end of this season that we do, it’s going to be a setup for that.”

The actor has a very busy shooting schedule this year with ‘Deed’, then a Nelson Mandela biopic in South Africa this Summer followed by “Thor 2” in August in the UK.