Ejiofor Is Baron Mordo In “Doctor Strange”

“12 Years a Slave” star Chiwetel Ejiofor is said to be playing the villain Baron Mordo in the upcoming Scott Derrickson-directed “Doctor Strange” movie at Marvel Studios.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays the title character, a brilliant and arrogant neurosurgeon who learns after a horrific car accident that his hands don’t hold the key to his powers. Instead, he discovers the hidden world of magic.

The film version of Mordo isn’t expected to be the straight up villain of the comics, rather an amalgamation of characters culled from Doctor Strange’s mythology. In the comics Mordo and Strange are mentored by The Ancient One (played by Tilda Swinton in the film) with Mordo ultimately trying to kill his teacher.

Jon Spaihts penned the script for the film which opens November 4th next year.

Source: Deadline