Egerton To Do “Kingsman 2” & “Robin Hood”

The scheduling war over actor Taron Egerton has come to an end.

The breakout star of “Kingsman: The Secret Service” was scheduled to shoot Lionsgate’s “Robin Hood: Origins” reboot in February next year – that was until last week when Matthew Vaughn’s MARV Films exercised their contractual option on the actor for the “Kingsman” sequel which is targeting an April start.

That meant one or the other would have to move, or Egerton would have to depart the ‘Hood’ project. Turns out Lionsgate think he’s valuable enough to keep and so have pushed back the start of filming on ‘Hood’ until the end of next Summer, once “Kingsman” wraps.

The move also opens up Egerton’s Q1 2016 schedule and sources indicate he’s already lined up for the indie crime drama “Crooks County” which deals with a whistleblower involved in an undercover FBI operation that led to the largest number of convictions of government officials in American history.

Source: Heat Vision