Efron Talks “Jonny Quest,” “Footloose”

Zac Efron tells Moviehole this week that he’d be up for doing a live-action “Jonny Quest” film which “Race to Witch Mountain” director Andy Fickman and star The Rock have been in early talks for.

“Yeah, Yeah… it’s a great idea; it’d be very fun” said the tween hunk doing promotions for “17 Again”. He admits however that it’s a long way off – “it’s a long, long process. it’s so hard when people start leaking titbits. They’re very, very early on [with it] – not that it won’t happen happen, it’s just early.”

Another film he’s linked to, the “Footloose” remake, is similarly a long way down the road – “People legitimately said to me today, ‘So Footloose is coming out, right?’ I’m like ‘No. The script is coming out’.”