Edgar Wright On “Scott Pilgrim” Differences

Edgar Wright tells MTV News that his upcoming film adaptation of “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” sticks very closely to the the first three volumes of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s six-volume graphic novel series.

“After three volumes, it starts to take its own path, but very much within the spirit of the book – and approved by Bryan as well… There are some things that are in the film that are actually from Bryan’s original ideas before he wrote the books. [So] there are some things in there that refer to older ideas which he didn’t end up doing” says Wright.

At the time of shooting, only the first five volumes had been completed. The British helmer is very aware of the potential fan backlash to that, despite Lee O’Malley being heavily involved in the film production and giving his approval at numerous points throughout it’s history.

To those who would be argumentative, Wright says “it’s ironic, because there will be a couple of scenes when people will say, ‘That’s not in the book,’ but actually, if you look at these notes from 2005… I feel like we tried to respect the books as much as we can in a Hollywood film, but also infuse his ideas that didn’t necessarily fit into the volumes.”