Edgar Ramirez Is Carlos The Jackal

Edgar Ramirez (“Che,” “Vantage Point,” “The Bourne Ultimatum”) has signed on to star as the infamous ‘Carlos the Jackal’ in “Ilich: Story of Carlos” for Film en Stock, Canal Plus and Egoli Tossell says The Hollywood Reporter.

The story centers on the true story of Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, a Venezuelan-born leftist revolutionary who worked for radical Palestinians and groups in Syria, Libya, Iraq and communist Romania.

Famously raiding the OPEC headquarters in Vienna in 1975, ‘Carlos’ founded a worldwide terrorist organization and eventually ended up ridiculed and alone in exile in Sudan before being picked up by French police. He is currently serving a life sentence in France.

Ramirez will tackle four to five languages for the complex role and Olivier Assayas will helm the project which will be released as a feature as well as a three-part TV series.

Shooting will take place across France, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Lebanon, Yemen and possibly Sudan starting in January.