Ed Zwick To Helm “Jack Reacher” Sequel

Tom Cruise will reunite with his “The Last Samurai” director Ed Zwick and writer Marshall Herskovitz for the upcoming sequel to the 2012 “Jack Reacher” movie at Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions.

The first film was an adaptation of Lee Child’s “One Shot,” the tenth of around twenty novels so far which focus on the popular Jack Reacher character, a former major in the U.S. Military Police Corps who quit and now roams America taking odd jobs and investigating suspicious situations.

Though Cruise is physically very different to the character, the film received generally good reviews and pulled in $218 million worldwide from a modest $57 million budget along with proving a good money spinner in ancillary markets.

Herskovitz will pen a new draft of the script which was previously worked on by Richard Wenk (“The Equalizer”). Zwick will direct the film with Cruise already set to return as Reacher. Filmmaker Christopher McQuarrie, who re-teamed with Cruise on this Summer’s “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation,” wrote and directed the first film but will return only as an executive producer on this sequel alongside Cruise and Don Granger.

The new film is expected to be based on the eighteenth Reacher novel “Never Go Back” which came out in 2013. That story has Reacher returning to his old military base in Virginia where the female commanding officer has been arrested. He has also found himself being charged with assault and illegitimately fathering a child, though can’t recall doing either.

Source: Deadline