Ed Norton Open For Marvel’s “Avengers”?

Despite having a rumoured beef with Marvel Studios after the edits to “The Incredible Hulk”, Edward Norton reveals to Coming Soon that’s he more optimistic now about returning to the character and the Marvel Universe for their potential “The Avengers” team-up project.

Asked if Marvel had been in communication to work things out, Norton says “Yeah, to some degree, through my agents…But there’s always been an agenda I think to unspool a lot of the Marvel Universe and then come back… I think they’ve got a lot of new stuff that they’re rolling out and then I think at some point they’re going to figure out how they want to get around to ‘Avengers.'”

He also added that “The main guy I had a beef with there left anyways, as always happens. As David Mamet said, ‘Just wait ’em out cause they’ll be gone, and you’ll still be there'”, which explains one of the big reasons for his newfound optimism.