Ed Harris Talks Appaloosa Sequel

Even though the film is not yet out, actor Ed Harris is already talking up sequels to his gritty Western “Appaloosa” opening this weekend.

Novelist Robert B. Parker wrote two sequels to the 2005 novel on which “Appaloosa” is based and which Harris thinks “could be combined into a sequel” he tells MTV News.

The second book, “Resolution”, hit bookstores this year and an upcoming third novel is in the works. Harris says the idea of helming a sequel again is “interesting” and would focus on the same characters: Cole (Harris), Allie (Renee Zellweger), and Hitch (Viggo Mortensen).

As for the plot? “Allie runs off with some other guy. Cole tracks this guy down and shoots him, in cold-blooded murder. And then he goes and finds Hitch in this town, and they go partner up and they go to find Allie in Texas somewhere. She’s in some whorehouse there, she’s really in bad shape.”