Eclipse Helmer Doing “Daredevil” Reboot

“30 Days of Night” and “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” director David Slade is in talks to develop and helm a reboot of the “Daredevil” film franchise at 20th Century Fox and Regency reports Deadline.

No writer is yet attached at this stage of the film which the studio initially said it hopes to “continue the story begun by the 2003 Ben Affleck movie”. Affleck however will not be involved in the project.

Further information came to light soon after suggesting this is more a reboot than a sequel as the storyline is said to be an adaptation of the critically acclaimed Frank Miller-written and David Mazzucchelli-illustrated Born Again run of the comic series.

In that series, the Kingpin learns the identity of the superhero and begin to systematically destroy his life.

The project is still in development though which means it will be some time off. Slade’s next film is the period horror “The Last Voyage of the Demeter” with Ben Kingsley and Noomi Rapace.