Eckhart Doubling Up For Knight?

Various names have been mention for the role of Harvey Dent, the district attorney who goes on to become Two-Face, in “The Dark Knight”.

Only Edward Norton, who apparently passed on the offer, sounded a good fit so far. Today though Latino Review has mentioned another one – Aaron Eckhart (“Thank You For Smoking”, “The Core”).

According to them he’s the leading candidate for the role at present, and fits the role physically and marquee-wise – a real and talented actor rather than a star.

The name is now added to a long list which most recently included such talents as Jamie Foxx and Josh Lucas. Eckhart is the best choice of that trio though one has to say.

Another name for the Rachel Dawes role also cropped up over at Batman-on-Film – Maggie Gyllenhaal. Odd choice that one, yesterday’s talk of Emily Blunt sounded perfect.