Eastwood’s Next Not Dirty Harry 6?

Since the project’s announcement earlier this week, speculation has been rife about Clint Eastwood’s “Gran Turino” project scheduled for December.

Most of the talk revolved around an e-mail from an L.A. source named ‘Kurt’ which was sent out to at least three sites including Dark Horizons within hours of the announcement.

I put it aside for later – the content of the e-mail sounded reasonable enough but the source, even though they provided their own information, didn’t reveal any corroborating evidence or important details for further fact checking. Certainly Warners won’t confirm anything about the project, short of the date, just yet.

AICN and at least one other site however did post it that day and since then the idea has spread like wildfire, many are now already set in their minds that this is the next film in Eastwood’s “Dirty Harry” series with Callahan hunting down a serial killer who drives that model car and killed his grandson.

Don’t count on it just yet. Filmjerk says that according to one of their regular sources, this is “a simple, quiet and compelling drama about Walt (Eastwood), a rural bigot who finds his outlook on life changed after a family of Hmong immigrants move in to the home next to his own, striking up a friendship with the family’s teenaged son Tao over the older man’s now-classic car.”

Now here’s where things get even more confusing. One of Movieweb‘s scribes got in touch with a contact who works for Eastwood’s production company Malpaso who claims the talk is true, this is a Harry Callahan movie and the plots points mentioned in that e-mail from ‘Kurt’ are reasonably accurate.

Certainly a new Harry Callahan movie sounds a far more enticing prospect than a drama about getting to know the neighbouring immigrants. Resurrecting old action hero franchises seems to be all the rage now as well. Still, don’t commit to the idea of Callahan’s return just yet – until official word comes out either way stay cautious.