Eastwood To Helm Jessica Buchanan Tale

Following on from his success with “Sully,” actor/filmmaker Clint Eastwood is looking into another true story tale for his next effort – that of kidnapped American aid worker Jessica Buchanan.

Warner Bros. Pictures has optioned her memoir “Impossible Odds” which she wrote with her husband Erik Landemalm, and Anthony Flacco. Brian Helgeland (“Mystic River,” “Blood Work”) is writing the script for the project.

Buchanan was working in Somalia when, in October 2011, she and a colleague found themselves caught by land pirates, sold out by their escort and protector. For the next 93 days, she and her co-worker lived in the desert while Buchanan’s husband, Landemalm, tried to work various agencies to have his wife rescued.

In the end, President Barack Obama approved the engagement of SEAL Team 6, which parachuted into the area, killed the pirates and extracted the pair.

Source: THR