Eastwood Finally Talks His Torino

At first many thought it was another “Dirty Harry” movie, then came murmurs that it was a drama about an old guy who bonds with a young Korean kid next door.

Months later, Clint Eastwood has finally opened up to USA Today about “Gran Torino” while doing press for “Changeling” this week.

In the film, Eastwood plays Walt Kowalski, a racist Korean War veteran who reluctantly bonds with an immigrant Asian neighbor over a classic car – his 1972 Gran Torino. Eastwood says it’s a film that “slams both prejudice and political correctness.”

“I’m a weirdo in it. I play a real racist. … It’s a great time in life (to do that) because, you know, what can they do to you once you’re past 70? There’s nothing they can do. But it also has redemption. This Hmong family moves in next door, and he has been in the Korean War, in the infantry, and looks down on Asian people and lumps everybody together. But finally they befriend him in his time of need because he has no relationship with his family” he says.

The film will score a New York City release on Christmas Day, no further release has yet been scheduled.