Early Talk Of A “Mama” Sequel

The Guillermo del Toro-produced “Mama” has grossed $69 million in the United States, and another $20 million so far in just a few international markets.

Reviews have also been decent, so the possibility of a sequel to the Andres Muschietti-directed supernatural thriller do look good. Universal Pictures’ President of International Productions David Kosse says:

“We think there’s potential for a Mama franchise. We’d like to do another one. But those conversations are in the early stages. Mama is the first of this type of model that we’ve had enormous success with so there are more opportunities for this kind of film.”

The model he is referring to is English-language, foreign-made co-productions. “Mama” for example was an English-language, Canadian-Spanish co-production. Another film using the model is Keanu Reeves’ upcoming “Man of Tai Chi”.

Source: Screen Daily