Early Reviews Hot On “Dogs,” Mixed On “Sparrow”

Two of March’s biggest films have already been screened for critics in the past few days, and both have scored quite different reactions.

Wes Anderson’s new stop-motion animated feature “Isle of Dogs” is understandably scoring raves. Currently at 95% and with an 8.1/10 average score on Rotten Tomatoes, the film has been praised as Anderson’s most visually luscious and inventive film with a refreshing dark center and lack of sentimentality, but there have also been criticisms of the cohesiveness of the writing.

Critics have not been so kind to the Jennifer Lawrence-led spy thriller “Red Sparrow” with mixed reviews coming out for the adaptation of Jason Matthews’ novel. The movie currently stands at 61% with a pretty low 5.7/10 average rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

‘Sparrow’ has been praised for avoiding the expectation of being another “Atomic Blonde” or a Black Widow rip-off and instead gone for a slow burn John le Carre-style deal – albeit with an explicit edge and without the depth or subtlety.

It has also been called timely for its exploration of exploitation, its pull no punches explicitness, and Lawrence’s performance has been praised as being above the material. That said its 139 minute runtime and some implausibility regarding its twists have been criticised in almost all the reviews published so far.

“Red Sparrow” opens March 2nd, “Isle of Dogs” hits March 23rd.