Early “Moana” Footage, “Rangers” Rejected Art

Some unused concept art from the upcoming “Power Rangers” reboot has popped up on Twitter over the weekend. Both Lionsgate and Saban films took time before settling on Dean Israelite to take on the job of directing the film which begins shooting this month.

Before he was locked in though, an unnamed director was pitching for the project according to The Power Scoop. Said director reportedly hired Alex Ruiz and Gregory Semkow to produce concept art for this version of the property which is what has gone online today. None of the below images are expected to be realised in the final film, but do show off what might have been:

Also today, Disney has released a brief featurette promoting their upcoming animated feature “Moana” with brief bits of footage from the film opening in November. The story follows a young woman uses her navigational talents and the help of the demi-god Maui to set sail for a fabled island.