Early “Indiana Jones 5” Rumors?

No word on who the source is and the report does sound highly speculative, nevertheless The Stuff reports that the fifth “Indiana Jones” is planned to begin production next year.

According to the site the story will center around the Bermuda Triangle, will see the return of both Indy (Harrison Ford) and his son Mutt Williams (Shia LaBeouf), and will tone back a lot of the CGI elements that took away from the action in ‘Crystal Skull’.

A source tells the paper “George (Lucas) and Steven (Spielberg) have been working on a script and it’s almost there… Harrison is on stand-by for filming next year. Shia LaBeouf has a central role again as Indy’s son but this will be a blockbuster made in the old fashioned way rather than the CGI efforts of the last movie.”

Hmmm, well lets wait see and how this ‘report’ pans out.