Early “How to Train Your Dragon 2” Details

“How to Train Your Dragon” executive producer Tim Johnson has revealed various new details in regards to the highly-anticipated sequel that Dreamworks is prepping for release in late 2013.

Johnson tells Bad Taste that “I can tell you that Dean DeBlois, one of the two directors on the first film, has agreed to direct the sequel. They are all already very scared about the prospects. He presented the draft a couple of weeks ago, and now we’re trying to figure out how we are going to realize the scope of it. It is good to analyze the history, locations, new characters in the movie that he wants, and understand how we can achieve that.”

He then goes on to talk about the production schedule – “We hope to have it completed in the fall of 2013. So a little less than three years. For the animation, that is fast, but for a sequel, it is a reasonable amount of time. It usually takes four years or more for an original film, and most of that time is spent designing the sets, the characters, colors. For the sequel, these problems have already been solved.”

Johnson also says they’ve just begun production on the upcoming animated TV series which he expects not to begin airing until sometime in 2012. The tone of it will be “darker, more dramatic, like the film” rather than a kids show which many have speculated about. It will also likely deal with new characters and a new setting – “We do not want it, however, set in the same period of the film. We will explore that world, maybe presenting something new every year. It ‘s a different format, with different stories. We made a short film for the DVD which is great fun, and it helped us to understand which direction we should go.”