Early Details Of Batfleck Costume, Batmobile

A couple of brief updates on Zack Snyder’s “Batman vs Superman” movie at Warner Bros. Pictures.

Batman-On-Film reported the other day that Batman will be sporting a whole new costume and Batmobile for the film, with the latter currently being designed and built by General Motors at the GM Advanced Design Studio in North Hollywood.

One edict – it will “definitely NOT have a military look like The Tumbler from Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy”. More likely it’ll be some kind of streamlined concept car. Production designer Nathan Crowley, and engineers Chris Culvert and Andy Smith have reportedly been consulting on the designs – not surprising as they were apparently involved in the creation of the Tumbler nearly a decade ago.

As of four weeks ago, the car was still just ‘pictures on the wall’ so nothing had actually been built yet. It’s also said an “old Cadillac” will feature prominently in the film.

As for Ben Affleck’s Batman costume? Comic Book Movie reports that the character’s look is rumored to resemble that seen in the 2011 graphic novel “Batman: Noel” (pictured below). Other concepts were said to be explored, including a “Injustice: Gods Among Us”-style look, but many were rejected for being too similar to the Nolan-verse look.

Finally, CBM also reports that Henry Cavill received his copy of the “Batman vs Superman” script last week. His costume will be altered as well, with two separate teams currently at work on the new design.