Ealing Plans “Nightwork,” “Glitters,” “Doctor”

British production house Ealing Studios has announced several high-profile projects reports Screen Daily.

The most attention is on “Nightwork”, a $35 million caper thriller in which Dustin Hoffman plays a man who stumbles across a fortune hidden in a corpse in a hotel. He and his conman partner soon flee across Europe to stay ahead of the money’s true owner. William Davies (“How To Train Your Dragon”) is penning the script.

Also in the works is the Richard Warlow-scripted “All That Glitters”, a $30 million project described as a homage to John Huston’s “The Maltese Falcon”. In this case though, the macguffin will be a necklace that once belonged to Helen of Troy.

Ealing Studios has also secured the rights to reboot the classic Brit film “Doctor In the House”, and is working on a third entry in the St. Trinian’s series entitled “St Trinian’s Versus The World”.