Eagle Of The Ninth, “Beastly” Delayed

Kevin Macdonald’s Romans-in-Britain epic “The Eagle of the Ninth” has been pushed back five months from September 24th to February 25th 2011 reports UGO

The move gives the Channing Tatum-led film essentially two weekends to itself and is probably aiming to replicate the success of “Shutter Island” which did solid business in late February this year. It also puts plenty of breathing room between it and Neill Marshall’s quite similar “Centurion” opening late August.

Meanwhile CBS Films has pushed back “Beastly”, its tween-targeted retelling of the “Beauty and the Beast” story, from July 30th to an undisclosed date. The reasoning for the delay however has raised some eyebrows (and laughter).

In a Facebook update, CBS suggests the delay is due to Universal’s Zac Efron fantasy-drama “Charlie St. Cloud” recently moving up to that date. Efron and “Beastly” leading lady Vanessa Hudgens were the stars of the “High School Musical” franchise, a fanbase which will make up a substantial portion of both film’s audiences.

Thus came the statement – “We’ve been hearing from fans, so we know that having both Zac and Vanessa’s movies opening on the same day could be a real dilemma for people, so we are moving Beastly.”