EA: No-One Will Play “Battlefront” Campaign

Electronic Arts’ Peter Moore recently has continued his company’s defence of why the upcoming “Star Wars: Battlefront” video game will not feature a single player campaign.

Speaking with Gamespot, Moore says the key reason why they didn’t do one is a reason you’re probably not expecting – that they felt not enough people would be interested. Asked if games with single player campaigns sell better, Moore says:

“So, there’s two phenomena with that statement. The first is that yes, you might be right. The second is that very few people actually play the single-player on these kinds of games. That’s what the data points to.”

Of course “Star Wars” isn’t exactly “Call of Duty,” and this a franchise where a rich mythology means a story-driven campaign seems a requirement. Moore says EA and DICE are admittedly taking a gamble with this and they’ll wait and see how it works out:

“Well, you never kick yourself about these things. You make a decision, years out, and you plan for what the world looks like when a game ships in two or three years. That’s about the intuitiveness about the executive producer, and his or her vision for the game. Between when a dev team starts work on a game, and when it finishes, the world becomes a different place.”

“Star Wars: Battlefront” is currently on track for a release in November.