EA Hires For Retooled “Star Wars” Game

In the wake of the ruckus over the apparent scrapping of Visceral Games’ “Star Wars” game from “Uncharted” director Amy Henning, and the debacle with the loot box scandal tied to “Star Wars Battlefront II,” any news about “Star Wars” game from Electronic Arts (EA) is understandably being approached with caution.

This week, Gamespot reports that EA is currently developing an open-world “Star Wars” game and posted a job listing for a lead online engineer position at EA Vancouver. The job requires someone to “lead a team to deliver Online features for a Star Wars Open World project.”

Said project will be available on multiple platforms and will include multiplayer as the job requires “experience implementing online features such as Matchmaking, Asynchronous interactions, Server-host migration, etc.” EA hasn’t officially announced anything in regards to the title yet.

As the site suggests, this is almost certainly a retooled version of the title Visceral Games was working on before it was shut down. That project was a story-based, linear adventure akin to Naughty Dog’s PS4 titles like the various “Uncharted” games and “The Last of Us”. The retooled version is expected to be more open-world and multiplayer-oriented – think less “Mass Effect” more “Destiny” in style – with players deciding for themselves which way to go.

EA made it clear last year in interview comments they have little interest in games with a single player focus any more because they’re unable to monetise them over the long term and get consumers to fork over more cash for collectibles and advantages.