E4’s “Misfits” To Become A Movie

Howard Overman, the creator of the British sci-fi teen dramedy series “Misfits”, says he’s at work on a film version of the show.

The series followed five young delinquents on community service who are caught outside during a supernatural thunder storm and who acquire special abilities.

While the first two seasons scored acclaim, the departure of Robert Sheehan’s foul-mouthed lead Nathan was one which quite a few fans claim the show has never really recovered from.

Further cast departures have seen all five of the original cast members leave the series with all new faces in place for the remainder of the currently airing fourth season.

“I’ve written the first draft of the script and we’ll see what happens. If it happens, it will involve past and present characters, I’m not allowed to give away anything more than that” says Owen.

Some of those old cast members could be back for a movie. Two such returnees would be Iwan Rheon’s Simon and Antonia Thomas’s Alisha – “Whether or not you’ve completely seen the end of Simon and Alisha, if our movie has its way, is another issue” says Overman.

An American TV series remake is also in the works to go into production sometime next year.

Source: Digital Spy