E3 2016: Mass Effect, Star Wars, Battlefield

Electronic Arts was the first to show off their games in the works at a press conference earlier today for E3. Most had been announced before, but they offered new clips from almost all their major games on the way.

Mass Effect Andromeda
EA showed off a bunch more footage and revealed new details about the highly anticipated fourth game which also serves as a minor reboot of the series. Created with the Frostbite engine, and set in a new galaxy with new planets and new characters as a group of explorers try and find a new home. Check out a featurette with new footage below:

Star Wars
EA laid out its plan for more “Star Wars” games. First up DICE and Motive are working on a new “Star Wars Battlefront” for 2017. It’s confirmed that the cloud city of Bespin will be a major location for the next chapter.

Then “Uncharted” 1-3 series producer Amy Hennig and Visceral are working on a “Star Wars” game in 2018, what looks like a third-person cinematic campaign game.

Finally, Respawn (“Titanfall”) are at work on a third-person action-adventure game from a ‘different era’ of Star Wars. A new featurette shows off clips from the first two titles.

Battlefield 1
A new gameplay trailer for this Fall’s “Battlefield 1” shows off the first World War title’s multiplayer in action with 64-players engaging in some of the largest multiplayer battles in FPS history. The game will also include dynamic weather, larger scale detruction, and massive new vehicles.

Titanfall 2
The debut trailers for both the single player campaign and multiplayer elements of the “Titanfall” sequel have gone online. The game, which will include sentient Titans, grappling hooks, hits October 28th on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The launch of effort of EA Originals, a new program for “unique and innovative” smaller games from the publisher, is Zoink Games’s “Fe”. The project is about a young cub that awakens alone in the forest and must learn the language of this environment.