E3 2015: Sony’s Playstation 4 Presentation

It was Sony that closed out today’s mass collection of E3 briefings with their presentation showing off several new titles, some big games with DLC, and some major exclusives of their own.

One of the biggest pieces of news was not game related at all though. PlayStation announced that its cloud-based TV service Vue will offer something that many have dreamed about but none have yet really been able to do properly – completely alacarte cable packages. Through Playstation Vue, people will soon be able to subscribe to individual cable TV networks of their choice without the need for bundled packages. The service is also coming to San Francisco and Los Angeles shortly.

On the games front though there were plenty of big reveals such as the long awaited “The Last Guardian” finally scoring gameplay footage and a 2016 release date, the announcement of a remake of “Final Fantasy 7,” spectacular new gameplay footage from “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” (marred briefly by a technical hitch), a reboot of the “Hitman” franchise, and a couple of key new titles.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (PS4 Exclusive)
After last year’s cinematic trailer reveal and first gameplay clip, this year Sony closed out its presentation with a several minute long gameplay trailer showcasing a spectacular car chase sequence in typical “Uncharted” over the top fashion. Sadly there’s no word on a specific release date, though it is expected no later than March 2016.

The Last Guardian (PS4 Exclusive)
After many years seemingly stuck in limbo, the long awaited “The Last Guardian” – from the “Ico” and “Shadow of the Colossus” team – is set to arrive sometime next year. The press conference launched with a beautiful gameplay clip from the Fumito Ueda-directed title about a young boy and a magical creature who form a bond and help each other navigate treacherous ruins.

Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4 Timed Exclusive)
Everyone has wanted it, and now it’s happening – Square Enix has finally announced that a full remake of Final Fantasy VII is in development with the game coming first to PlayStation 4 before going onto other platforms. Being announced eighteen years after the original RPG launched to such fanfare, a press release indicates production on it has only really just begun meaning it will be a long while before we see it.

Square Enix and IO Interactive teased “Hitman,” a more grounded and gritty reboot of the “Hitman” game franchise and one that’s said to be the most ambitious game in the series to date. The PS4 version will get six exclusive contracts with the game itself set to hit December 8th.

No Man’s Sky (PS4 Exclusive)
Still no release date announced for Hello Games’ procedurally-generated sci-fi epic, but some new gameplay was on offer showcasing how you can explore, engage in combat and so on. The game still looks astonishing, but the presentation was not an ideal place to show something like this.

Street Fighter V (PC & PS4 Exclusive)
The fan favorite fighting game returns with a new entry that will be PS4 and PC exclusive with the public beta set to start July 23rd. Powered by Unreal Engine 4 technology and boasting exciting new visuals, the new chapter in the franchise will offer cross-platform play that will unite fans into a centralized player base for the first time ever.

Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4 Exclusive)
Guerrilla Games, who’ve spent much of the past decade working only on “Killzone” titles, have produced something quite different with this potential franchise starter that evokes “Enslaved: Odyssey to the West,” “Witcher” and more. A combination of cinematic action and gameplay yields a beautiful looking work.

Destiny: The Taken King (PS4 DLC Exclusive)
Set for a September 15th release, Destiny’s new ‘The Taken King’ expansion pack sees Oryx arriving in our solar system to exact revenge on the Guardians who destroyed his son, Crota. Players can arm themselves with newfound abilities, weapons, and gear to defeat the Taken hordes and face Oryx himself within his inner sanctum. The game will also be available in the form of the hard copy “Destiny: The Taken King – Legendary Edition” which brings together the base “Destiny” game along with ‘The Taken King,’ ‘The Dark Below’ and the ‘House of Wolves’ expansions.

Dreams (PS4 Exclusive)
Media Molecule, the team behind “LittleBigPlanet” and “Tearaway,” have created “Dreams” which deals with an “open dream-i-verse” where you can use the DualShock 4 to sketch in a surreal landscape. You can create and animate objects for these dreams and share them with others, along with the opportunity to explore the dreams of others. You can get lost journeying through the imagination of thousands of PS4 users.

Firewatch (PC & PS4 Exclusive)
A first-person adventure game by indie studio Campo Santo and follows a volunteer fire lookout as he solves mysterious happenings in the Wyoming woods. The game is first set to debut on PS4 and eventually will come to PC and Mac.

Rigs (Ps4 Exclusive)
Over thirty games are in the works for Sony’s Project Morpheus VR headset, one being Guerrilla Cambridge’s multiplayer FPS “Rigs” which uses the headset as part of the controls. The game is still in development with no release date yet.

World of Final Fantasy (PS4 Exclusive)
Along with the “Final Fantasy VII” remake, another title in the franchise was revealed with “World of Final Fantasy” which hits PlayStation 4 and PS Vita next year. A cute and tiny take on the franchise, this will hit sometime in 2016.

Shenmue 3
Legendary developer Yu Suzuki used the press conference as an opportunity to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the China-set action RPG “Shenmue 3”. Developers were hoping to earn $2 million within one month, they surpassed that total in just a few hours. It’s still a while off though with a December 2017 release being targeted.

Devolver Indie Titles
Devolver showed off four indie games in development for the platform including “Ronin,” “Eitr,” “Mother Russia Bleeds,” and “Crossing Souls”.