E3 2013: PS4 Games, Pricing, Answers

While Microsoft’s Xbox One presentation opened the first day of proceedings at this year’s E3 convention, Sony’s Playstation 4 closed out the inaugural session with its E3 presentation following on from its announcement back in February.

Sony revealed many of its hardware specifics and quite a few launch titles back in February, but there were still plenty of lingering questions – most notably what the hell the thing looks like, and how it will differ from the Xbox One on several fronts.

Sony answered that, in the process showing that it is taking the opposite approach in areas where Microsoft has stumbled. First off, the price will be a full one hundred dollars cheaper at $399 in the United States, €399 in Europe, and £349 in the UK. While Microsoft has specifically said November, Sony is sticking with a more generalised “Holiday 2013” release date.

No internet connection is required to authenticate games and gamers will not be required to periodically log into the internet for the console to function. In other words offline play will work just as it does now on the PS3.

You’ll be able to play all single-player games as well as use all media services without subscribing to PlayStation Plus, however you will have to subscribe if you want to play games online. Existing PlayStation Plus memberships will carry over from the PS3, and members score a new title each month (plus “DriveClub” will be free for the first year).

Used Games
There will be no changes to the sale, lending, or trading in of used games – things will work just as they do now. That news drew a huge round of cheers from the crowd, as you can see below. In fact, Sony included an amusing short instructional video about how games can be shared.

VOD Services
Sony’s Video Unlimited service will be available with a catalog of 150,000 movies and TV shows, and a catalog of 20 million songs. Netflix, Hulu, Redbox Instant and Flixster are also onboard.

More than 85 Vita titles to launch by the end of the year with numerous games remastered for the Vita. Vita gamers will also be able to tap into 650 existing PS3 games and new PS4 games through remote play.

Trailers shown for “The Last of Us,” “Beyond Two Souls,” “Rain,” “Puppeteer,” “Gran Turismo 6” and “Batman: Arkham Origins”.

PS4 Games
Onto the games and Sony showed off some trailers for several of their new and/or exclusive franchises, along with new looks at some much anticipated major cross-format titles – many of which have some ‘exclusive content’ for the platform. All up approximately 140 titles will be available on the system in the first year, 40 of which are exclusives.

Amongst them were the previously announced exclusives like “inFamous: Second Son,” “Knack,” and “DriveClub” and “Killzone: Shadow Fall”. All will be launch games bar ‘inFamous’ which hits Q1 2014. There was the first look at the impressive and mildly steampunk influenced Victorian-era “The Order: 1886”, a compilation video of indie games, and trailers for new entries in the “Final Fantasy” and “Kingdom Hearts” series.

Just like the Microsoft presentation, there was also the launch of new trailers and gameplay videos for some cross-platform titles. Here they included “Watch Dogs,” “Destiny,” “Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag,” “Transistor” and “Mad Max”.