Dying Fan Sees “Trek” Sequel Before Passing

New York Asian Film Festival director Dan Craft left this world with his last wish granted.

The terminally ill “Star Trek” fan was recently granted a personal DVD screening of an early cut of the forthcoming “Star Trek Into Darkness” by director JJ Abrams – five months before the film’s release date.

Craft attended an IMAX screening of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” with the hope of seeing the nine-minute preview of “Star Trek Into Darkness” in front of it. It didn’t play.

His friend soon launched a social media campaign asking for anyone to help. Such is the power of the Internet that within a day, Abrams himself was made aware of Craft’s situation.

Abrams made the screening happen, a producer hand delivering the rough-cut DVD of the film to their door and, after signing non-disclosure agreements, they watched the film and thoroughly enjoyed it.

A few days later, this past Friday in fact, Craft was taken to the hospital for hospice care. With his wife and his brother by his side, he died.

Source: THR