Dwayne Johnson Talks Playing “Hercules”

Dwayne Johnson says Brett Ratner’s “Hercules” project at MGM and Paramount is a dream project for him.

Ryan Condal (“Paradise Lost”) adapted the script from the Radical Publishing comic book series’ “The Thracian Wars” and “The Knives of Kush” by Steve Moore and Chris Boslin.

Johnson became attached to the project back in November, and while out doing promotional work for “Snitch,” he waxed on enthusiastically with MTV about his upcoming role as the ancient Greek hero:

“The next shoot, I’m really excited about, a passion project I’ve had now on my mind ever since I got into Hollywood, over 15 years now, Hercules. I can’t wait. We’re going to shoot that in Croatia and Budapest. I’ve been preparing for this role now for the good part of a year.”

“Understand, for me when I was a kid, Hercules was always a hero of mine, from Steve Reeves to the multiple guys who have played Hercules, but the idea and the notion of this man. When I first got into movies, I thought, ‘Gosh, I would love to do that one day.’ I always thought that the version of Hercules that I want to play was one that was more dramatic and survived in barren lands and not necessarily slick in any way or anything like that. It’s been around and been on my mind for some time.”