Dwayne Johnson Confirms He’s Black Adam

It began with much teasing regarding his involvement in social media. Then actor Dwayne Johnson dropped the pretext and offered some quotes effectively saying that that Warners and DC have been trying to determine whether he should play the hero Shazam or the anti-hero/villain Black Adam in an upcoming “Shazam” movie.

Now, Johnson confirmed his casting as Black Adam this morning by tweeting out which character he would be playing in the film. Variety adds that Darren Lemke (“Turbo,” “Jack the Giant Slayer”) was recently brought on to write the script so no production date is yet set. It is expected that once the script is done, things will move fast to get the project shot.

In the comics, Shazam is the alter ego Billy Batson, a boy who can transform into superhero form by saying the word ‘Shazam’ and is able to use the powers of six mythological gods. In the last decade, Shazam has regularly been a part of the Justice League in the comics.