DuVernay Teases “New Gods” Research

Filmmaker Ava DuVernay has revealed on her Instagram account last night that she’s begun her research for her film adaptation of Jack Kirby’s DC Comics title “The New Gods” with the project having also landed a screenwriter.

DuVernay, who teased her involvement with the project before she was officially confirmed to direct, posted a shot of a page from The New Gods #1, first published in 1971 on her social media account.

The project was announced this past weekend with DuVernay, coming off “A Wrinkle In Time,” helming the film for Warner Bros. Pictures. At the time no writer had been attached but now one has – Kario Salem (“The Score,” “Chasing Mavericks”).

Along with the potential cinematic introduction of Darkseid, the film opens up a bunch of new stories for any future potential DC features. At present, there is also no indication yet as to what characters may be featured including the likes of Big Barda, Forager, Heggra, Powerboy, Metron and Mister Miracle.

The DC Films division is coming off the disappointment of “Justice League” which quietly ended its domestic box office run with a total domestic gross of a little over $229 million – the lowest-grossing film in the new DC Universe. Its global total sits at $658 million.