DuVernay Sought For “A Wrinkle In Time”

“Selma” helmer Ava DuVernay is reportedly being sought to direct one of the most well-known and acclaimed, but also one of the most unadaptable, sci-fi and young adult novels ever made – Madeleine L’Engle award-winning 1963 fantasy classic “A Wrinkle in Time” at Disney Pictures.

Deadline broke the news, saying DuVernay is being courted to direct both this project, and the original sci-fi thriller “Intelligent Life” at Amblin Entertainment.

‘Time’ follows adolescent Meg Murray, her genius five-year-old brother and a fellow classmate as they go on a journey across the universe to rescue her missing scientist father. In the process they encounter a great dark force that is swallowing the universe, and a planet under the control of a disembodied brain called IT.

“Frozen” co-director Jennifer Lee penned the most recent script for the adaptation, this one emphasising the book’s strong female-driven narrative along with its creative world-building elements.

‘Life’ has been penned by “Jurassic World” duo Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly and follows a U.N. worker in a government department setup for extraterrestrial first contact. He soon falls for a mystery woman who turns out to be an alien.

DuVernay is currently putting together the drama series “Queen Sugar” for Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network.