Dunst Turning Blondie For Gondry?

Some casting rumours just sound bad from the get go, and not because of the actor in question but rather them not suiting the character (ala Eric Bana and Ewan McGregor for James Bond or Lindsay Lohan as Stevie Nicks).

Now comes word that in an interview with New Zealand’s site Stuff, actress Kirsten Dunst revealed she will be playing a “well-known singer” in an upcoming project with “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” director Michel Gondry.

Ok not to worrisome on the surface, but FilmIck reveals that after some digging it seems that the singer in question is none other than “Blondie” front woman Debbie Harry.

It’s hard (or more painful really) to picture Dunst singing ‘Heart of Glass’ I have to say. A young Michelle Pfieffer would’ve been perfect for the part, but can’t think of any of the current young crop of actors who would suit playing the blond new wave singer with the shrill voice, cat-like eyes and pursued lips.