Dunst, Moretz Double Team A “Hick”

Kirsten Dunst and pint-sized “Kick Ass” actress Chloe Moretz are teaming for the coming-of-age drama “Hick” for Taylor Lane Productions & Lighthouse Entertainment reports The Playlist.

Based on Andrea Portes’ novel which the author herself adapted for the big screen, the story follows a 13-year-old Nebraska girl who flees her alcoholic and abusive parents and heads out on the road.

The world outside her door proves just as cold and uncaring, including the adult figures that come into her life like a crooked guy who eventually rapes her, a role that Colin Farrell was circling but ultimately couldn’t participate in due to his “Total Recall” remake commitments.

Dunst will play another of those figures, a cocaine-snorting hard-living grifter who takes the girl under her wing in an effort to shield her from some of the rougher aspects of life.

Derick Martini directs from a script Portes adapted herself. Christian Taylor is producing and shooting kicks off in New Mexico early next year.