“Dunkirk” Sneak Peek On “Rogue One” IMAX

A seven-minute prologue for Christopher Nolan’s World War II drama “Dunkirk” will reportedly play in front of select 70mm IMAX showings, and potentially all IMAX digital showings, of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” from next Friday says Slashfilm.

Around fifteen IMAX theaters around the globe are presenting Gareth Edwards’ “Star Wars” standalone movie in 70mm IMAX 2D film. For those seeking out seeing the movie in this format, the site suggests Warners will chuck in the seven-minute prologue for Nolan’s film in front of the movie. Trailer Track adds that it hasn’t been confirmed whether the prologue will be only for the 70mm IMAX, or if it will take place in front of all IMAX “Rogue One” showings – if the latter it will be spread across several hundred more screens.

Nolan shot a bunch of the film with IMAX’s 70mm cameras so it’s likely this prologue will use the format to its fullest- just like Nolan did with “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises” which had similar IMAX-presented prologues in the months before their release.