Duncan Jones: Why “Warcraft” Won’t Suck

Even the most effective film adaptations of video games have been average at best so far, which means any filmmaker tackling one is certainly taking a risk. One such person out to change the perception regarding the genre is filmmaker Duncan Jones (“Source Code,” “Moon”) with his next project “Warcraft”.

Coming off a successful promotion of the film at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, Jones says he thinks he understands why others have failed in this genre, how it could be fixed, and why “Warcraft” will avoid the issue. He tells io9:

“As soon as I saw David Fincher make a movie out of Facebook, I felt like anything is possible. The source of your material is not necessarily going to dictate whether you can make a good movie. It’s finding an element of truth in it, or a thread which you can build a story around.

Now, fortunately, Warcraft has twenty years of storytelling to pick from. And for us, the obvious choice was to go right to the beginning of that story when Orcs first met Humans. That was kind of our initial set up. And then a lot of things fall into place from that. You kind of know who your main characters are going to be because you have the lore to set you on the path at that point.

But again, working with the guys at Blizzard, using their creativity and our own, I think we were able to refine and pair down what it is that would make a good core story for a film because a film is always going to be different from a game. And you always have to have a narrative. The audience isn’t going to be there to choose the story for you.”

Due to work on the movie starting a good while ago, the production is nearly finished according to Jones who may end up having enough time to shoot another film before he begins the “Warcraft” publicity circuit.

Asked if there’s one particular character he’s proud of in the new film, he says Anna Galvin’s character of Draka who was “written smaller and grew over the course of the film” into something unique. “Warcraft” hits cinemas next year.