Duncan Jones To Helm “Killer Intent” Series

Duncan Jones To Helm Killer Intent Series

“Moon” and “Warcraft” director Duncan Jones has been set to direct and executive produce an ambitious TV series adaptation of Tony Kent’s thriller novel “Killer Intent” for Liberty Films.

The book is the first in a novel series following military intelligence officer Joe Dempsey, Belfast-born barrister Michael Devlin, and CNN reporter Sarah Truman.

When an attempted assassination sparks a chain reaction of explosive events across London, Britain’s elite security forces seem powerless to stop the chaos threatening to overwhelm the government.

As the dark and deadly conspiracy unfolds, three strangers find their fates entwined and are forced to work in the shadows, caught in a life-or-death race against the clock. Kent will be adapting his novel alongside an American-style writers’ room of established TV talent.

Source: THR