Duncan Jones On “Warcraft” Status, Sequels

The big Comic Con presentation for Duncan Jones’ fantasy epic “Warcraft” isn’t until Saturday in San Diego, but io9 managed to catch him on the floor last night and spoke to him briefly about the anticipated adaptation of the popular online gaming world.

Jones says the film is almost done with only about ten visual effects shots left to complete. The site also says “he’s confident it’s good, and would love to come back to direct a sequel. Maybe even two.” He says he and Blizzard have reportedly talked about the stories for two more movies.

With the film not opening until June next year, Jones says he hopes to shoot his passion project “Mute” sometime soon, that way when “Warcraft” opens he can immediately turn his attention to a sequel. Also unveiled yesterday were stunning WETA-designed sculptures of main characters in the film, along with the VR experience “Warcraft: The Skies of Azeroth” which is available now for Android and iOS.