Duncan Jones Explains Netflix’s Importance

There’s been a lot of talk about Netflix in the past week in the wake of the unexpected launch of “The Cloverfield Paradox” directly on the streaming service.

Plenty of pieces have gone on about how Netflix is a disruptor of film distribution & marketing, others have started slamming it for being the new home of direct-to-DVD efforts too dubious in quality for a theatrical release. Either way, some serious questions are understandably being asked about the quality control and seeming lack of curation at its film division.

One of the next big disruptors in that arena is “Mute,” filmmaker Duncan Jones’ long in the works sci-fi passion project. Speaking with Uproxx recently, Jones says the streaming giant has become an essential tool – offering a new landscape for mid-budget films which have all but vanished at studios who care only about big blockbusters with brand recognition or micro-budget indies:

“It’s really, really hard. There used to be a time when middle-budget movies had support from the independent arms of the studios to make films in that $20 million to $40 million range. And that just disappeared. It’s gone. Dead.

So, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, these places have started to pick up the slack. And I’m incredibly grateful for that because, on a creative level, it’s now an outlet for different kinds of movies to get made. So that’s a huge ‘pro’ in the situation.

The ‘con’ is you have to play by their rules. And as much as it hurts me sometimes to think, God, there’s never going to be a big opening of this movie, we’re never going to get the chance to show it on huge screens everywhere and do that side of it. There are not even going to be DVDs or Blu-rays. So that part of it is not ideal.

But the benefits: if Netflix hadn’t picked this up it wouldn’t have gotten made. That’s just the truth of the matter.”

Alexander Skarsgard stars in the neo-noir thriller “Mute” which is set in the not-too-distant future and focuses on a mute man in a desperate search through the criminal underworld to find his missing girlfriend. It hits the service worldwide on February 23rd.