Duelling Cuts Of Across the Universe

There’s a fight going on over the upcoming mind-trip road flick “Across the Universe” between the director and studio head says The New York Times.

Julie Taymor (“Frida,” “Titus”), the woman behind the highly acclaimed stage production version of Disney’s “The Lion King”, delivered her 128 minute cut of the $45 million psychedelic love story set to Beatles music to Revolution Studios a while back.

Now its been revealed that Revolution head Joe Roth, occasional director himself who helmed “Freedomland” and “Christmas with the Kranks”, created his own 98-minute version without her agreement and tested it with an audience.

Now Taymor is allegedly so distraught she is considering taking her name off the movie – a very public mess for a film that’s already long overdue for release. Taymore spent much of last year carefully editing the film, which is why the release date got bumped by a full year.

Taymor’s 140 minute cut was reduced to 128 minutes after initial test screenings. Roth claims she is “overreacting to a normal Hollywood process”, and this editing of director’s cuts is nothing new for him. One can vaguely understand his viewpoint – Roth vowed never again to allow a director final cut after the disastrous 2003 Martin Brest movie “Gigli”.

Roth hopes a compromise version somewhere between both his and Taymor’s cuts can be worked out, but associates of Taymor remain far more sceptical.