Duchovny: “X-Files” Revival Needed More Eps

There’s been plenty of critical analysis of “The X-Files” event series revival since it premiered in January, and one of the show’s stars now says that one of the common criticisms was fair – that it was too short.

The six-episode event series by creator and showrunner Chris Carter was a big ratings hit for the channel which seemed to pretty much confirm another shortened season would be made when scheduling could be worked out.

Talking with TV Insider, Duchovny admits: “I think there were too few episodes. Twenty-two is far too many, but six is too few, so we’ve got to figure out something right in between.”

The actor famously left the series as a regular after seven seasons complaining that his workload was too great. However both he and co-star Gillian Anderson indicated that the much shorter season was crucial to them signing onboard for the revival.