Dubious Justice Talk Runs Rampant

The “Justice League” movie is rushing ahead for a pre-strike start of production, and so talk is flying thick and fast about what’s going to happen with much of it seemingly speculation at best.

On Friday, IESB.Net reported that the film will be a motion capture film (ala “Beowulf,” “The Polar Express”). Now, they’ve recinded that report somewhat saying “Yes there will be motion capture used in the film but it will not be an all out “motion capture production.” Heavy motion capture will be used for the OMACs, the underwater sequences and such. So, all in all, this will be a traditionally made film with some motion capture characters.”

The site is also reporting that “Smallville” star Tom Welling has been approached to take up the Superman role. A fan fantasy come true? Not so fast, the show’s executive producer Al Gough tells Superman Homepage that talk of Welling being approached “Hasn’t happened, won’t happen, he is under contract to Smallville through season 8.”

The site remains adamant though that it’s very much happening. None of the reports make any mention of the rumor that Guy Pearce playing an older incarnation of Batman in the film at all.