Drive Director Plans Tokyo-Set Spy Film

“Drive” and “Only God Forgives” director Nicolas Winding Refn is still working on his L.A. supermodel-themed “The Neon Demon” film which recently finished shooting. As post-production is underway, Refn is already looking ahead to his next project which is looking likely to be called “The Avenging Silence”.

Talking with Collider, Refn says the film will be a spin on the spy genre with Tokyo serving as the primary setting and a mostly non-speaking, reluctant but violent male protagonist being at the center:

“Yeah, it’s basically a character that appears in my other movies that will now appear again. Having done The Neon Demon, which was predominantly women protagonists, but the character that Mads [Mikkelsen] plays in Valhalla Rising, Ryan [Gosling] plays him in Drive or Vithaya [Pansringarm] in Only God Forgives, I want to make a new movie with that character.”

“The Neon Demon” is currently targeting an early 2016 release.