“Dredd” TV Series “At Least Two Years Away”

Earlier this year came word that a “Judge Dredd” TV series is in the works titled “Judge Dredd: Mega City One” and based in part on the original 2000 AD comic strip of the same name.

Franchise producer Jason Kingsley was recently asked by SFX Magazine (via GamesRadar) how development on the project is going. He indicates that things are moving along, but it will take some time to get everything together considering the scope of the show:

“Long-form storytelling makes showing Mega-City One and its inhabitants much easier. Trying to fit all of that into a two-hour movie is very hard. My best guess is that it’s at least two years away. But we’re so early in the process that things could happen a bit faster, or much more slowly.”

Kingsley quickly followed up that remark with a comment about the tone of the series:

“Dark fantasy elements are one area that would be great to explore. The show will combine the macabre with the insane and the light-hearted. It’s a big place, after all, with 400 million stories to tell.”

The property was previously adapted to film in 1995 with Sylvester Stallone in the role, and more recently in 2012 with Karl Urban in the part. There’s already a push by fans to get Urban back in the part, but casting on the show remains a long way off from the sounds of it.