Dredd Sequel Still Has No Script

Actor and producer Adi Shankar has been responsible for some of the better male-oriented action dramas of recent times including “The Grey,” “Killing Them Softly,” “Lone Survivor” and of course “Dredd”.

It’s that last one that many fans are clamouring for a sequel to, fans given hope by a throwaway comment from star Karl Urban earlier this year that “conversations are happening” about the possibility. Speaking with Dweeb Cast, Shankar says sets the record straight about that quote and where a “Dredd” sequel currently stands:

“I’m going to tread lightly here. I feel like Karl made a small statement that got blown way out of proportion by news sites. Yeah there are conversations going on (about making Dredd 2), but I wouldn’t automatically go like, ‘Oh there’s conversations going on, so when’s the release date?’ When there’s no f—ing script.”

Shankar says he’s the one “freaking out and leading the charge” regarding these conversations. The problem is the first film didn’t have studio backing, it was an independent film, and the sequel would be as well:

“That changes the dynamic immensely, right? Every country has a different distributor that bought the movie, so every one of those distributors has to sign off.”

The first film cost $50 million and grossed a worldwide total of $35 million. Shankar admits the film has “built an audience over time” and he’s not giving up, but there are other options available.