“Dredd” Co-Owner Dismisses Sequel Talk

In the years since 2012’s “Dredd” opened to an underwhelming box office haul but solid reviews and a growing cult audience on video, plenty of people have called for a follow-up – most notably the first film’s executive producer Adi Shankar.

Shankar and actor Karl Urban have both talked up the project at points. Just last week, Shankar did so once again and promised to personally make sure the film happened, even though no plans were currently in place.

That all suggests Shankar remains involved in the official process of getting the “Dredd” sequel made. However, co-owner of the Judge Dredd character and fellow first film executive producer Jason Kingsley tells Screen Geek that Shankar isn’t involved with the franchise going forward:

“While we truly do appreciate Adi’s enthusiasm for Judge Dredd, he has no involvement with the franchise and any future cinematic or small screen outings. Claims of him pushing forward a sequel to DREDD are not true and we don’t want fans to get excited only to have their hopes dashed. 2000 AD and Rebellion continue to work hard to bring the future’s greatest lawman back to screens.”

Sadly it looks like the first film is all we’ll get from the “Judge Dredd” universe for at least the time being.