Dreamworks Takes Another Shot At “Halo”

After several studios failed in their attempts to adapt the property several years ago, DreamWorks Pictures is having a go at getting a film based on the “Halo” video game franchise off the ground reports Vulture.

To avoid any possible legal difficulties in regards to the previous failed attempts, the studio is apparently looking into adapting some of the many novelizations set in the “Halo” universe. At this point, no writer has been hired.

Though still interested in making a movie, game owner Microsoft isn’t keen on this attempt with a source close to the company saying “It’s a gigantic waste of time, because [Microsoft] doesn’t want anything to happen in any other media that could screw up a multi-billion dollar franchise.”

The attempt comes after the hugely successful launch of the game title “Halo: Reach” which pulled in $200 million dollars on its launch day and demonstrated that interest in the franchise remains at sky high levels.