Dreamworks Seeks Trevorrow’s “Life”

With “Jurassic World” not far away from release, the film’s director Colin Trevorrow is already lining up his next project, a sci-fi thriller called “Intelligent Life” which DreamWorks has just picked up.

Trevorrow is attached to direct and co-wrote the script with ‘Jurassic’ co-writer Derek Connolly. Story details are being kept secret, but the project is said to be tied back to an earlier project the pair worked on called “The Ambassador”.

That project was about a U.N. worker in a department that was to represent humankind in the event of alien contact. The man falls in love with a mysterious woman who turns out to be an alien.

Trevorrow and Frank Marshall will produce, whilst Connolly and Steven Spielberg are executive producing.

Source: Heat Vision