Dreamworks In Talks To Join NBCUniversal

Steven Spielberg and his DreamWorks SKG company have begun negotiations with NBCUniversal for the filmmaker to return to the fold there with a new marketing and distribution deal.

If successful, Spielberg would be ‘back’ at the studio where he started and would mark the third studio home for DreamWorks following Paramount and more recently Disney where the current deal expires in August next year.

In fact the potential NBCUniversal deal could see the studio paying out to Disney for accelerating the exit from the deal, and a meaningful investment into DreamWorks. It also means that Universal could be taking on DreamWorks’ titles currently in development like Tate Taylor’s “The Girl on the Train” and the live-action manga adaptation “Ghost In The Shell”.

Spielberg’s next directorial effort, the sci-fi film “Ready Player One,” is setup at Warner Bros. Pictures and will remain there.

Source: Deadline